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River Rats?

The River Rats are a group of people that enjoy the good things in life and have a couple of things in common. These items include caravaning and boating. This is firstly a family caravan and boating club...but then we do have a couple of bikers. What the hell, nobody's perfect.

What about guests and visitors?

The River Rats welcome guests and visitors, if you would like to meet us, or join us for a weekend, simply send us an e-mail with your details and we will contact you. We will then ask you what weekend would suit you and make the necessary arrangements.

Our guest and visitors are affectionately known as squatters. You qualify as a squatter until such stage as your acceptance as a River Rat. We subscribe to the club on an annual basis and all profits are given back to the members in the form of braais and dinners.

Membership and Application

Any family wishing to join the River Rats is expected to camp with us as squatters for at least three rallies. During these rallies you will get to socialise and meet the other families. The club members and the guest would therefore have sufficient opportunity to assess each other and make up their minds whether the relationship needs to go any further. If so, the member is voted in and pays their fees for the year.
Send us an email

Honcho Shaun - wickerbs@global.co.za